Hospital for humanity services

Prevention is better than cure

You can also take part in this deed of virtue.

Things I Can Do

Our vision is "Prevention is better than cure", this golden saying is fully rather more implied in today's hectic lifestyle. Cure is much more costly and require immense resources of time, money, professional skills and is full of discomfort and pain. In contrast to cure, Prevention is much easier, economical and stress free and can be provided to more people in less resources. So, we will work on both dimensions to prevent the happening of unlikely. Established in the name of late Dr. Riaz Mansoor MBBS, MD(USA), MRCP(London), CCST(London), FRCP(London), who was world renowned gastroenterologist and consultant physician and his vision was to build a hospital for humanity services. To fulfill his dream, RMT Trust Hospital is founded for quality treatment of patients through application of modern techniques without considering their paying ability. You can also take part in this deed of virtue.